Monday, September 17, 2012

Zero Conscience > meh. gf ;p buy that TD is a bitch @D

PSY Jecka > ыщы
Message > Site has been captured.
PSY Jecka > подсобите на меня напали два цептора
Mega-Lex > PSY Jecka я на челноке =)
Kmang Satrow > gf
Bourreau > o/
PSY Jecka > thanks for the help the allies
PSY Jecka > I'll be back !!!
Bourreau > :)
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Deven
Zero Conscience > meh. gf ;p buy that TD is a bitch @D
Bourreau > :)
Bourreau > thanks
Kmang Satrow > o/

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back (from the dead)

and even bald-er than before:

Hai gaiz

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuskers Emblem

I spent some time today making Tusker emblems while bored at work. They may become full-on patches someday. Tell me what you think, constructive criticism is appreciated.

Version 1
Version 2

Saturday, October 2, 2010

capntrips > eliptical orbit ftw

Matabareta > gf
ItsmeHcK1 > gf
Nick Nockemout > gf
Suleiman Shouaa > gf
Valgore Meurte > gf
Arteriamus > gf
Suleiman Shouaa > Did your domi have stabs btw?
capntrips > Negative
capntrips > That fucking stilleto -_-
Bourreau > :P
capntrips > eliptical orbit ftw

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tournament Rescheduled

Due to unforeseen circumstances the tournament will now be held on the 6th of November.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Location: Hevrice
Date: 6th November
Time: 19:00 Eve Time
Ships: Tech 1 Frigates

This will be a team single-elimination tournament. Each match will consist of two teams of 3 frigates. Last man standing claims victory for their team. The winning team gets to loot the losing team's wrecks.

TEAM ENTRY FEE -> 30 million PER TEAM sent to Bourreau
Each team is responsible for submitting a team name with their application fee.
You will need 3 replacement ship/fittings for each team member. Each one must be identical to your initial loadout. Failure to bring replacement fittings could impact your match.

Tech 1 frigate hulls only

EDIT: Teams are restricted to 1 of any given frigate in their setup, ie: only 1 rifter per team, 1 tristan, etc.

No faction or navy frigates allowed


Meta 0 to Meta 5 modules are allowed to be fitted to your Frigate. Typically, Meta 5 modules are T2 versions so T2 guns etc. are allowed.

No Ecm modules or ecm drones allowed (other forms of ewar are acceptable)

No cloaking devices allowed

You must remain within 100km of the stationary referee otherwise you will be disqualified. If a team member warps off they are considered out of the match and may not return.

Podding someone is not allowed.

If the match takes longer than 10 minutes the arena size will shrink by 20km for every minute beyond the 10th. If there is no clear winner by the 14th minute then both teams will be knocked out.

PRIZES: (currently)
1st Place: Each team member will receive a pirate frigate of their choice (Daredevil, Cruor, Dramiel, Succubus or Worm).

2nd Place: Each team member will receive a navy frigate of their choice (Firetail, Slicer, Comet, Hookbill).

3rd & 4th Place: Each team member will receive a standard t1 frigate of their choice and salvage rights to the field after the tournament.

Feel free to contact me to discuss donations or secret prizes.

P.S. Apologies to Suleiman for plagiarizing his excellent tournament post format.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assault Frigate Aftermath

Things started out poorly when I realized the start time of 11am Pacific time was actually 12. I only had three scant hours to die horribly in a ball of flames in Suleiman Shouaa's Assault Frigate Tournament today.

The matches got off to a late start, around 19:15 GMT or so. I won't attempt to describe all the fights but there were fewer over tanked lol fights than expected. It took over an hour before I was up and by this point I was quite nervous. The pilot I was scheduled to fight, Htrag, has an impressive record and is ranked #229 on Battleclinic. I expected to lose horribly and possibly be raped by the python cartel afterward.

From my cursory intel gathering I surmised I would face either a blaster ship of some sort or possibly an Amarr AF; either of these possibilities went in my favor. The shield wolf setup I had chosen to use had quite high EM and thermal resists so Amarr ships didn't bother me much. The real danger was the potential of a blaster ship fit with a scram which could easily immobilize me if I wasn't careful. Luckily for me this was not the case and his blasters were largely ineffective until I closed range. The fight ended with my wolf's shield around peak recharge. Gf to you Htrag.

Shortly after this my lovely girlfriend noticed our refrigerator was leaking water. Having dealt with this issue before I quickly determined it was no longer operational and informed her we would need to contact our landlords for a replacement. Luckily for us our landlords are a kindhearted elderly couple who absolutely adore us and our two cats.

It was in this chaotic environment that I joined battle with fellow Tusker Causticum and Lachesis VII, a dastardly member of the infamous Python Cartel. The treacherous python had equipped his retribution with a cloaking device to avoid the initial engagement. Needless to say I wasted no time engaged Causticum and managed to take him down in a most inelegant manner leaving little challenge to Lachesis when he decloaked. With so many dastardly pirates watching I chose to take the man's way out and fell with honarr whilst running for my life. Gf to both Causticum and the scurvy Lachesis.

All in all the tournament went rather well. My only regret at this point is that I had to work today. I would have liked to see the final matches and participate in the local smack.

Oh, one final note: epic python hax ftl.

This is it...

One hour until the tournament starts. I took a look at my odds according to the betting site Causticum set up and had a good laugh. At the very least I won't be surprising anyone :P

Monday, September 6, 2010

Assault Frigate Training

Gearing up for Suleiman's
assault frigate tournament

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Muad' Dib > you must be dangerous or something

EVE System > Channel changed to Hedaleolfarber Local Channel
Bourreau > sup
Muad' Dib > might be too late to say this bourreau, but they brought out bc's and a dramiel for your dangerous jag
Bourreau > yea I noticed
Muad' Dib > you must be dangerous or something
Bourreau > thanks for the heads up
Muad' Dib > np, now they have a jag there too
Bourreau > yep
Muad' Dib > you might try to get in now, they are being sneaky so they took the cane off
Bourreau > nah, I am gonna let them scan me for awhile
Muad' Dib > didn't even notice the sisters combats
Bourreau > funny thing is these guys wouldn't touch me 1on1
Muad' Dib > i would
Bourreau > well you're in a sabre
Muad' Dib > 19:05:20 Combat Changye (720mm Prototype I Siege Cannon) hits you for 1507 damage ... shitty skills
Muad' Dib > i can downgrae but it would either be a cakewalk for you or for me
Bourreau > hows that?
Bourreau > do you have horrible AF skills or something?
Muad' Dib > i don't have an af
Bourreau > how about rifters then?
Muad' Dib > i dont' have one
Bourreau > wth
Bourreau > I will sell you one then
Muad' Dib > is it that unusual not to have a rifter in molden heath ?
Bourreau > for me, yes
Bourreau > but then again I have a stack of 50 hulls at my home base
Bourreau > sadly all I can offer you is frigates, got nothing else
Private Convo
Bourreau > o/
Muad' Dib > o/
Muad' Dib > all i got is a dd and a firetail
Bourreau > scary
Muad' Dib > tbh, that small repp jag of yours might have a shot vs my sabre
Bourreau > its not a small rep jag
Bourreau > and I doubt it
Muad' Dib > almost died to one a few days ago
Muad' Dib > nanojag with 280's and td
Bourreau > if I refit to kill the sabre I might have a chance
Bourreau > right now I am setup to kill af's
Muad' Dib > i'm off anyway from hedal, these no skill faggots piss me off
Muad' Dib > i might just come to run missions here just to piss them off
Bourreau > haha
Bourreau > you should
Bourreau > they are pretty lame
Muad' Dib > don't tempt me
Bourreau > if you find yourself around hevrice drop me a line
Muad' Dib > unprobable t3 as mission runner with loki boosting for low skig
Muad' Dib > *sig
Bourreau > ah yes
Bourreau > I am familiar with those types, very annoying
Muad' Dib > and maybe smack them for a bit for having no skills
Muad' Dib > they got fernando
Muad' Dib > i love when faggots kill faggots
Bourreau > haha
Muad' Dib >
Bourreau > I wish I could have caught him
Muad' Dib > check out what fit he was running
Muad' Dib > i think one might have killed my dd
Bourreau > uber tanked dram
Bourreau > :\
Muad' Dib > you can get 5k shields on it with t2 extender rigs
Bourreau > he should have used resists tbh
Muad' Dib > depends
Muad' Dib > for this plex, i don't think
Bourreau > well he has none with that setup
Bourreau > EM hole is massive
Muad' Dib > so ?
Bourreau > so they use em, he dies
Muad' Dib > they use em he dies anyway
Muad' Dib > it's not a jag
Bourreau > eh, I suppose
Bourreau > I like to give myself the advantage
Bourreau > people know dramiels shield tank
Bourreau > for the most part
Muad' Dib > dramiel with armor tank is almost as good as sader with ab at killing other inties
Bourreau > I have tried both
Muad' Dib > tbh, i would have taken 1-2 of thei dramiels on
Muad' Dib > of those guys in hedal
Bourreau > heh
Bourreau > I have lost a sabre that way
Bourreau > killed one dram, died to the second
Muad' Dib > i saw
Muad' Dib > you killed kubop's corpie
Muad' Dib > they use gank drams with 250 dps
Bourreau > indeedy
Bourreau > his was shield booster
Bourreau > they used to use MSE + web but have been doing it less
Muad' Dib > yeah, less survivability
Bourreau > those guys are just as bad though
Muad' Dib > and you can perma ab + boost
Bourreau > they always bring in backup
Muad' Dib > those plexes are their isk tbh
Bourreau > yea, with the gistii one you can
Muad' Dib > and the dram is so op that you can't wretle them for them anymore
Bourreau > I think a jag vs dram could be fair
Bourreau > dram pilot has to mess up though
Muad' Dib > i'd fight a dram in a jag
Muad' Dib > well times ab cycle can put you on top of him
Muad' Dib > *timed
Bourreau > in plexes the dram wants to be close anyway
Bourreau > have yet to run into a kiter
Muad' Dib > he stays close because he relies on speed to gtfo if he doesn't like it
Bourreau > yea, so you win by capping him out
Bourreau > cause one web is not enough
Muad' Dib > depends
Muad' Dib > preoverloaded ab also wrks
Muad' Dib > een if he has superior speed - and insane agility, he needs time to get to range
Muad' Dib > by that time, his armor and structure are long gone
Bourreau > so you would use a web jag?
Muad' Dib > i'm doing af 5 right now :)
Muad' Dib > webb jag with extender rigs
Muad' Dib > and snakes
Bourreau > oh, I got something you might like
Muad' Dib > :P
Muad' Dib > as soon as i'm done with af 5, i'm switching to the jag
Muad' Dib > dd is the frig i mostly fear in a jag tbh
Bourreau > check the last two posts
Muad' Dib > instalock dd on g8
Bourreau > rgr
Muad' Dib > dude, if i ever got on tusker vent, i'd puke all over
Muad' Dib > no offense to you, but i think your corp is full of faggots
Bourreau > i don't agree with you
Bourreau > but we have a new member I don't care for
Muad' Dib > i tried engaging your corp and i gotblobbed to shit by kitsune's, ecm drones comets and other shit
Muad' Dib > and this was half a yr ago
Bourreau > eh
Bourreau > it happens
Muad' Dib > dude .... ecm drones and kitsunes
Muad' Dib > i've only seen veto and the russians use more ecm
Bourreau > I really don't know what to say, don't think I was there for that
Muad' Dib > and it was only marginally
Muad' Dib > i think i have just 1 loss to you guys
Bourreau > I won't make apologies for things I didn't do either
Bourreau > also, if you want a fair fight from tuskers just go to hevrice and ask for a 1v1
Muad' Dib > - this was kinda off a ffa
Bourreau > someone will oblige you
Muad' Dib > hevrice is with rancer on my avoid :)
Bourreau > well, we have a code of conduct
Muad' Dib > 2 losses to you guys ... but they were ok
Muad' Dib > one was to steven
Bourreau > if someone dishonors a 1v1 they are kicked
Muad' Dib > there are many ways to make sure you win a 1;1 and still not dishonour it :0
Bourreau > hows that?
Muad' Dib > neutral rr, t3 boosting
Bourreau > yea, none of that shit
Muad' Dib > it was 5 months ago
Bourreau > def no rr or ecm, donno if someone would try bonus's
Muad' Dib >
Bourreau > that would be harder to check
Muad' Dib > that was th 2nd or 3rd fight vs you that day
Muad' Dib > and you had like 5-6 on grid
Muad' Dib > i was jammed almost the whole time by the comet and the enyo
Bourreau > ah, this is the one you were talking about
Muad' Dib > after that i emoed a bit and put hevrice on avoid
Muad' Dib > yeah, it was a fw plex
Muad' Dib > enyo lived with a sliver of structure
Bourreau > well, if you want a 1v1 just ask them next time
Muad' Dib > no
Bourreau > if they say no then leave
Muad' Dib > nobody is going to 1;1 a nano-rupture
Muad' Dib > and i didn't want a 1;1, i wanted a gf
Bourreau > they might in their own :P
Muad' Dib > not being jammed by ecm drones and kitsunes
Bourreau > I don't know what to tell you man, raw deal
Muad' Dib > it happens
Muad' Dib > it wasn't just that
Muad' Dib > i was at that time active aroudn oms
Muad' Dib > i did meet steven case and lost a fight with him just because i was a nub
Muad' Dib > let me try to explain otherwise
Muad' Dib > as you cans ee from rmage's stats, i don't care about losses, i want to have a blood pumping good fight
Muad' Dib > but when you sit there being plinked away by frigs who wouldn't come closer unless you were jammed, waiting minutes to die, you are not having gf
Muad' Dib > and i had the sme feeling after trying to setup a fight for 1h, as i have when i engage russian corps in gallente low-sec
Muad' Dib > if your familiar with the ones in fw .... and how they work with half of their ships falcons
Bourreau > lol
Bourreau > yes
Muad' Dib > i'm sure that if i asked for a 1;1, it would end the same
Muad' Dib > of-c it would be honored, to the letter
Muad' Dib > but, i'm also sure that they would setup for my ship
Bourreau > so you would do the same
Bourreau > right?
Muad' Dib > i don't change setups depending on opponent, and ppl who do that ... i don't fight again :)
Muad' Dib > i don't do that
Muad' Dib > i go with multipurpose fits
Bourreau > well if you're going to fight a 1v1...
Muad' Dib > liek this sabre
Muad' Dib > webb on it normally
Muad' Dib > doesn't have a point
Muad' Dib > and i'm not going to change that
Muad' Dib > i do have a point with me, but i won't take down a mse fo rit
Bourreau > so double mse?
Muad' Dib > yeah
Bourreau > going for the dd style then
Muad' Dib > it's an old fit, 3yrs old now
Bourreau > well man I think you're missing out
Bourreau > a good 1v1 is the best for adrenaline imo
Muad' Dib > i do have 1;1's
Bourreau > especially in the same ship as your opponent
Muad' Dib > but i do impromtu 1;1s
Bourreau > :P
Muad' Dib > so far i've never had a 1;1 dishonored and i wouldn't be surprised if the nr was over 50
Bourreau > I take it you mean an agreed upon one?
Muad' Dib > the last time i was plinked away like this - a drake, i was caught by russians with 1 falcon, 1 rupture and 1 arty-muninn at 100
Muad' Dib > i selfdestructed
Muad' Dib > 3min after they caught me i was still in 60% shields, and i had the normal, 2 lse, 2 invul, 3 extender
Bourreau > well I hate to advocate this but why wouldn't they use their superior numbers?
Muad' Dib > i mean, i challenge you to a 1;1 in a certain ship class, .... not arranged ahead of time
Muad' Dib > they can use them
Muad' Dib > but i'll also use my selfdestruct button
Muad' Dib > i won't stay there for 10min incapable of doing anything for their lolz
Bourreau > thats what its there for
Bourreau > and for capitals to grief people
Muad' Dib > russians are roamers, outside of oto off-c ... so i only blacklist that system, but i also blacklist for myself hevrice
Bourreau > I think you had a bad experience tbh
Muad' Dib > and before you point out how i was for 2yrs in bydi with same tactics ... i only gatecamped for 3d
Muad' Dib > than i emoraged
Muad' Dib > i refused to log in for 2 weeks :P
Bourreau > my point is simply that tuskers are pretty chill, they would fight fair if you ask them for it
Bourreau > if you just show up they will do whatever
Muad' Dib > don't tuskers also have a mentality of losing little ?
Bourreau > depends
Muad' Dib > yes, they do :)
Bourreau > in general we fly cheap
Bourreau > but every individual is different
Bourreau > anyway, I will stop defending the tuskers
Muad' Dib > is proxyyy still active ?
Bourreau > he moved corps
Bourreau > very recently
Muad' Dib > so why don't you guys move out of hevrice ?
Bourreau > I think hes active again now
Muad' Dib > ahh, itsme has retured
Muad' Dib > i met this dude around OMS
Muad' Dib > very chill dude
Bourreau > hahaha yea hes a good guy
Muad' Dib > we suicided 2 t1 cruises to rape a vaga from an ADHD gang
Muad' Dib > to make sure he died i brought a booster over
Muad' Dib > 15kms cram :P
Bourreau > nice
Muad' Dib > also, pls don't think that i believe only tuskers guys tactics are faggy :)
Muad' Dib > i have the same opinion about genos .... and many other corps ... in fact if it's not a 1man corp - like mine,
Bourreau > I am familiar with the complaint, I deal with gangs/blobs too
Bourreau > it sucks
Bourreau > usually I just try somewhere else
Muad' Dib > i honestly don't understand what's so fun killing a bs with 6-7 frigs jammed to hell by ecm drones
Bourreau > I can tell you from experience that ecm drones aren't always used
Bourreau > with ecm there is almost no challenge
Muad' Dib > good kb stats .... :(
Bourreau > killing a bs with frigs WITHOUT ecm drones is pretty sweet
Muad' Dib > it can still be easy
Muad' Dib > dram +bombers
Bourreau > yea thats true
Bourreau > but usually we use rifters and such
Bourreau > or jags :D
Muad' Dib > with no td's i bet
Bourreau > haha, sometimes with tds
Muad' Dib > all the times :)
Bourreau > its not like we have fitting police
Muad' Dib > td's are becoming very popular
Bourreau > people use what they want
Bourreau > I like td's actually, I will admit it
Muad' Dib >
Muad' Dib > no rr
Muad' Dib > 1 dcu as tank
Bourreau > nice kill
Bourreau > bad fit
Muad' Dib > i had to work for that
Muad' Dib > shot their station services for a few day
Muad' Dib > didn't think he was badly fitted, i just saw sebo, and i wanted to podjump back home
Muad' Dib > was curious to see how low i got him :P
Bourreau > the kills you work for are the best

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Assault Ship Extravaganza!

Coming up on the 18th of this month is Suleiman Shouaa's assault frigate tournament. The event will be held in Hevrice with various prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, including some faction ships and, of course, isk. Check the link for rules and how to apply.

See you then!

Monday, August 16, 2010

KupoB > ok i`m create rifter for pvp

EVE System > Channel changed to Oto Local Channel
KupoB > you come?
Bourreau > come on
Bourreau > waiting for your friend?
Bourreau > gf
KupoB > gf
KupoB > damm
KupoB > my inet
KupoB > my scrampelr is not worck
Bourreau > yea I noticed, gf though
Bourreau > I am impressed
Bourreau > /emote tips his hat
KupoB > :(
Bourreau > on fire now :P
KupoB > you very luck
Bourreau > I agree, nice setup
KupoB > you ty
Bourreau > pithi c-type?
KupoB > you half kill me
Bourreau > :P
KupoB > yes
Bourreau > finally we get a straight 1v1
Bourreau > I congratulate you on your victory
KupoB > yep bu i`m have damm gprs inet
Bourreau > you will get another chance :)
KupoB > alf not worck - ty bad ty pvp
Bourreau > how about rifters next time?
KupoB > ok
Bourreau > 1v1, no interference?
KupoB > but not pod kill
Bourreau > right
KupoB > yep
Bourreau > I agree
Bourreau > alright, I will mail you
KupoB > ok i`m create rifter for pvp
Bourreau > sounds good kupo
Bourreau > see you then o/
KupoB > \o
Bourreau > fly dangerous
Bourreau > >:P
KupoB > you ty

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Skardo > you will meet again ))

EVE System > Channel changed to Nagamanen Local Channel
Bourreau > gf
KupoB > gf
Bourreau > how you like my new setup wren?
Bourreau > oh...
Skardo > I'll forward to him
Bourreau > thx
Skardo > you will meet again ))
Bourreau > haha

Friday, August 13, 2010

capntrips > this carebear stuff is lame

EVE System > Channel changed to Aeschee Local Channel
Gingerlord > Nice nig
Gingerlord > nid* lol
Bourreau > :\
capntrips > Hey
Gingerlord > after anyone specific or just camping
capntrips > we don't take kindly to folks who don't take kindly around here
Bourreau > hehe
Bourreau > howdy trips
capntrips > just cuz minm pilots are black, don't mean you need to be throwin' out N-bombs
Dar Allard > i didn't shoot u did I?
capntrips > bourreau
capntrips > what are you in?
Gingerlord > lol
capntrips > I got 10 bucks says rifter
Bourreau > swex
Bourreau > noop
capntrips > also....
capntrips > doesn't bourreau mean ass?
capntrips > like, donkey?
Gingerlord > Gotta love low sec n00b rapists
Bourreau > lol, NICE TRY
capntrips > I don't know...... you seem familiar
capntrips > from that show down in TJ right?
Gingerlord > me?
Bourreau > you guys are lively tonight
capntrips > Bourreau
capntrips > lol
Gingerlord > it's 10am
capntrips > I just ran into some of your guys in hevrice
capntrips > I've never shield tanked anyone before
capntrips > it was a trip
Bourreau > /emote yawns
capntrips > Crash
capntrips > want some of that?
Bourreau > keeps you up for all those missions amiright?
capntrips > haha
capntrips > nah, the only missions I run take about 5 minutes
capntrips > pay at least 6mil plus 60k LP
capntrips > better than ransoming noos imho
Bourreau > we do that for fun
capntrips > lol
Bourreau > and ransoming you noobs is a good time
Bourreau > ;)
capntrips > we used to try and get them to come on vent and sing
Bourreau > yea, same
Bourreau > or we have them tell us jokes
capntrips > many good times to be had with noobs
capntrips > letting them chase you around in rifters n such
Bourreau > I see what you did there
Bourreau > fyi I am not in a rifter
Bourreau > so there!
capntrips > I know
capntrips > your pals were just 5 minutes ago tho
capntrips > gave me a nice little chase
Bourreau > yea we were laughing about that
Bourreau > in a way I'm glad you guys are still here
Bourreau > instead of someone else
Bourreau > it would be the end of an era
capntrips > oooohhh
capntrips > in a dram?
capntrips > nah, roughnecks will never die
capntrips > not with all you silly tuskers to chase around!
Bourreau > :P
Bourreau > I saved those pics you guys did
capntrips > what's that
capntrips > from the dam trip?
Bourreau > eh?
capntrips > what pics?
Bourreau > you guys made some pics of fat guys referencing tuskers
Bourreau > was very lol
capntrips > haha
capntrips > some are very clever with the photoshop
Bourreau > ja ja
capntrips > there was a great one making fun of socratic
capntrips > good god
capntrips > the fed intel LP store is [BLEEP] up it's ass bum
capntrips > they want 6k LP, 2.4 mil, and an asston of tags
capntrips > for a plating that is literally exactly the same as T2
Bourreau > I know not of these things
Bourreau > being a humble pirate
capntrips > aye
capntrips > this carebear stuff is lame
Bourreau > I did that once...
Bourreau > got old real quick
capntrips > we've all done it
capntrips > we'll all continue to
capntrips > unless you've got money to waste on timecodes
Bourreau > f-that
Bourreau > I am not wasting any more money on mmos
Bourreau > why do you think we fly rifters and shizz?
capntrips > ^^
Bourreau > alright trips, take it easy
Bourreau > o/

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enigma: Jovian Frigate

mrNikto > See you... Ghosts... :)))))))

EVE System > Channel changed to Adirain Local Channel
Harxor > meh, cant keep my transversal low enough >.<
mrNikto > Hey, sucker, get out of here...
mrNikto > If you'll whant fight, you'll get it...
ItsmeHcK1 > gf
mrNikto > Bye, queer... :))))
ItsmeHcK1 > rofl
mrNikto > Yeeeee.... It was so funny... :))))))
mrNikto > Thank you for you loot... :))))
mrNikto > Where is a second stupid?
Harxor > did you ever go to school? you sound like a fucking moron
mrNikto > My English is a better them you Russian... :))))
Harxor > ...
Harxor > fuck im gonna need a translater
mrNikto > Yes, I'm Russian. Any troubles?
Harxor > naturally
mrNikto > What for?
mrNikto > -DMO- is a Russian corp.
Harxor > i fail to see why i should care about such a fact?
mrNikto > Bye...
mrNikto > :)))))
Grohalmatar > :P
mrNikto > Raaaats... :))))
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
ItsmeHcK1 > Revenge shall be mine!
mrNikto > Really gentlemans.... :)))
ItsmeHcK1 > Inorite!
Grohalmatar > we like to savor our kills
mrNikto > Our corp is going here... Ж))))
mrNikto > See you... Ghosts... :)))))))
Bourreau > sweet
Bourreau > ghosts are cool

Friday, July 30, 2010

Exitiale > You know I enjoy tuskers, I realy do, long as its not in missions.

EVE System > Channel changed to Adirain Local Channel
Ginger Lynn > You can depart now boys =)
Tressin Khiyne > lol @ the rough necks calling in guardians to stop the evil rifter
Bourreau > nice choice of ships
Tressin Khiyne > you guys are supper pro
Tressin Khiyne > o/
Exitiale > \o
Exitiale > pvp ship vs pve ship, not even a fight ever =)
Tressin Khiyne > oh hush domi vs rifter
Shargrosso > gf
Tressin Khiyne > gf
Shargrosso > ?
Tressin Khiyne > oops
Bourreau > lol
Tressin Khiyne > well, not really
Bourreau > tressin you noob
Tressin Khiyne > GF rough necks
Exitiale > Not rough necks =)
Tressin Khiyne > ah, spiritus
Tressin Khiyne > you know who you are
Exitiale > You know I enjoy tuskers, I realy do, long as its not in missions. =)
Our daring duo went on to tackle a drake just before dt...
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:
1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.
2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.
If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Tressin Khiyne > howdy
Tressin Khiyne > we will require 40 mil for theship, sir
Tressin Khiyne > you can pay to me
Shillowska > i dont have that much
Tressin Khiyne > how much do you have?
Shillowska > about 20 mln
Tressin Khiyne > 20 will do, please stop shooting
Tressin Khiyne > pay to me and you'll be set free
Shillowska > done
Tressin Khiyne > have fun sir
Bourreau > thank you sir
Bourreau > /emote tips his hat

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bourreau > so piranha, we need to talk

Piranha Security > plex?
Piranha Security > he's coming after me
Shadaroth > where are you
Bourreau > lol, fair fight?
Piranha Security > by the gate
Shadaroth > bourrie darling come and get me
Piranha Security > h'es 100km out
Bourreau > not really feeling ishkur vs stiletto
Shadaroth > aww =(
Piranha Security > is it safe to kill the red guys?
Bourreau > you're too competent for that mismatch ;)
Shadaroth > safe is a relative term
Shadaroth > ty ;)
Piranha Security > does it make your standing drop if you shoot the red first?
Shadaroth > if you can kill him, your standing will go up
Bourreau > yes, by all means, kill me
Piranha Security > i'm back near the gate, 100 out
Piranha Security > he's in a t2 ship
Piranha Security > theres no chance
Shadaroth > you never know
Shadaroth > you're both about the same age
Bourreau > 2v1 it wouldn't matter what ship I have
Shadaroth > i wont get involved, promise =D
Shadaroth > my quiet little system is fillin up
Bourreau > yea wth
Bourreau > no sense of sport apparently
Shadaroth > some squids in here the other day, black ops warped into here
Br0kenmachine > hi guys
Shadaroth > o/
Br0kenmachine > oh.. just stay away from him piranha, he'll kill you
Br0kenmachine > did he attack you or something?
Piranha Security > No
Bourreau > QQ
Bourreau > maybe he wants me to kill him
Bourreau > maybe he really likes that
Shadaroth > could be!
Shadaroth > aw man
Shadaroth > i hate it when the plex has no loot
Bourreau > indeed
Piranha Security > plex?
Br0kenmachine > the serpentis drug store
Shadaroth > that drugstore on your overview
Bourreau > although it sometimes has DAREDEVIL BPC
Piranha Security > o
Shadaroth > i looted a dd bpc one off a shadow serp spawn last week, was great
Bourreau > oh man!
Shadaroth > never gotten one in a plex tho
Bourreau > lucky guy
Br0kenmachine > I just want the jaspet
Shadaroth > yah, figured it was a sign, went ahead and built it
Bourreau > jaspet? lol
Shadaroth > rofl
Br0kenmachine > this is why i do not come in here piranha
Piranha Security > why?
Br0kenmachine > i hate you
Shadaroth > LOL
Piranha Security > :)
Bourreau > carebears....
Shadaroth > well okay then
Shadaroth > you guys fly safe o7
Br0kenmachine > yeah, you too
Piranha Security > Serpentis?
Br0kenmachine > no, i'm going back
Bourreau > thats the one
Piranha Security > yyyyyyyyyy
Piranha Security > wait!!
Br0kenmachine > bye
Piranha Security > well crap, that sucks
Bourreau > back to just you and me
Piranha Security > gulp
Bourreau > time to learn
Piranha Security > will u b my friend?
Bourreau > for 20m
Piranha Security > for how long?
Bourreau > all day
Piranha Security > i can't get close enough
Bourreau > 20m
Piranha Security > rockets suck
Bourreau > yea kinda
Bourreau > active shield eh?
Piranha Security > bad?
Bourreau > eh, sort of
A short while later...
Bourreau > o/
Bourreau > so piranha, we need to talk
Bourreau > that fit was not good at all
Bourreau > I will give you a better one
Piranha Security > yeah, it didn't even scratch you!!!
Piranha Security > u almost got my pod!!!
Bourreau > did I?
Piranha Security > i don't know, i didn't stick around to see
Bourreau > here you go
Bourreau >
Piranha Security > what kind of fitting?
Bourreau > its all in there
Bourreau > frigate pvp 101
Bourreau > there are a few rifter fits in there
Piranha Security > i have some reading to do
Bourreau > o/
Bourreau > enjoy
Piranha Security > thanks!
Bourreau > np m8
Bourreau > take care
Piranha Security > u2

Fleet Wolf Sighting

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wren O7 > lol what a fair fight

EVE System > Channel changed to Oto Local Channel
Bourreau > o/ wren
Wren O7 > 07
Bourreau > seems a bit unfair
Bourreau > but I suppose I should expect that
Wren O7 > heh dont try to run 2/10
Bourreau > thats not it
Wren O7 > and ull have a fair fight)
Bourreau > would that be like kupoB's fair fight?
Bourreau > aka 1v2
KupoB > 1 vs 1
Bourreau > lol, right
KupoB > i`m just caribas
Bourreau > like last time
Bourreau > too bad you lost it too
KupoB > i save my pod
Bourreau > yea whatever, don't try to justify it
Bourreau > I would have given you a fair ransom
Bourreau > you didn't want to lose your fancy loot
KupoB > when i say what drop all fly
EVE System > Channel changed to Nagamanen Local Channel
Wren O7 > lol what a fair fight
Bourreau > just like you guys
Bourreau > ;)
Bourreau > how does it feel?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tressin Khiyne > Bro, be sure to hold your breath

EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:
1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.
2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.
If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Bourreau > do you want to live?
Tressin Khiyne > YES!
Bourreau > Wersus95 ?
Wersus95 > Yes
Tressin Khiyne > oh, him
Tressin Khiyne > thank god
Tressin Khiyne > he always threatens me
Bourreau > 60m
Bourreau > pay to me
Bourreau > 30 seconds
Wersus95 > f*ck you!
Bourreau > ok, 50m
Bourreau > pay to me
Bourreau > 20 seconds
Bourreau > 15
Bourreau > 5
Tressin Khiyne > WAIT!
Tressin Khiyne > WAIT!
Bourreau > last chance
Bourreau > 40m
Tressin Khiyne > Bro, be sure to hold your breath
Bourreau > to me
Bourreau > bye then
Bourreau > ;)
Tressin Khiyne > this may hurt a bit....
EVE System > Wersus95 was kicked from the channel by Tressin Khiyne. Effective until 2010.07.20 10:48:42, Reason: "Blown nose".

Monday, July 19, 2010

Taek'li > would you like to save your pod?

EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:
1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.
2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.
If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Taek'li > hello CuldeSac
CuldeSac > hello
Taek'li > would you like to save your pod?
CuldeSac > yeah, but
CuldeSac > how
ItsmeHcK1 > By paying us.
CuldeSac > well, i pay and you still blow me up?
ItsmeHcK1 > heh
ItsmeHcK1 > We're Tuskers.
Taek'li > 90million isk for your pod and we let you go
ItsmeHcK1 > We're well-known for honoring ransoms.
ItsmeHcK1 >
Taek'li > if you pay us, we won't, without getting into details if i dishonored a ransom, id be kicked out of corp
ItsmeHcK1 > Although I am guilty of not keeping neat track of my ransoms. :(
CuldeSac > k, never tried it before so lets do it... can you salvage my cargo? for my mission, a chip... or is that lost
ItsmeHcK1 > Salvage your cargo?
CuldeSac > ill pay extra for it ofc
ItsmeHcK1 > High-Tec data chip?
CuldeSac > yah, is it possible?
ItsmeHcK1 > High-Tech Data Chip
CuldeSac > yeah, i made 21 jumps to get it
CuldeSac > so id gladly pay extra to get it back
Bourreau > we have it
ItsmeHcK1 > 120M for both the pod and that chip?
Bourreau > 120 total
CuldeSac > 150M
Bourreau > ok
Bourreau > thats fine
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
Taek'li > ok then
CuldeSac > well, 12-150 its fine by me
ItsmeHcK1 > I can't bring it into highsec for you though.
ItsmeHcK1 > I can protect you while you're getting out yourself, obviously.
Taek'li > ok Culde send 150mil to me and we let you go, ill contract this chip to you as well
CuldeSac > ok, im kinda new to this, you have to tell me how
ItsmeHcK1 > sorry
ItsmeHcK1 > Wrong button/
CuldeSac > eeeek
ItsmeHcK1 > Tried to warp off, my bad.
Taek'li > lol sorry for my mate
Bourreau > right click on taek
Taek'li > accident lol
Bourreau > click, give money
ItsmeHcK1 > I'm warping to top station to drop the chip there.
Bourreau > type 150mil
Taek'li > and confirm
CuldeSac > ok, done
Bourreau > thank you sir
ItsmeHcK1 > If you dock up in top station, you'll get a noobship.
Taek'li > dropping point, you can go
ItsmeHcK1 > I'll trade the chip to you.
Taek'li > contracts about to be up
Taek'li > or trade
ItsmeHcK1 > That's the one?
Taek'li > ok Culde is it the chip you wanted?
CuldeSac > yes
Taek'li > cool
CuldeSac > thank you
Bourreau > no problemo
ItsmeHcK1 > sweet
CuldeSac > was there a green warning message in local, before the attack? that i didnt pay attention to
ItsmeHcK1 > Not in my overview.
Taek'li > no idea tbh
CuldeSac > ah ok
CuldeSac > any way, so ima try to get out with this ibis xD thanks for honoring your word, so far
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
ItsmeHcK1 > Pleasure doing business.
Taek'li > you are welcome, see you around :)
ItsmeHcK1 > Best I can do is like scout you to the Raneilles gate, if you want.
CuldeSac > that would be awesome
ItsmeHcK1 > Localspike atm though, best to wait a few moments.
ItsmeHcK1 > Yep, not a good idea to undock now. :P
ItsmeHcK1 > (On vent: 'Oh boy, <list> on this side, I'm fucked.' :P)
Taek'li > :D
CuldeSac > still a bad idea to undock?
Bourreau > most likely
Bourreau > gates are camped
CuldeSac > oh ._.
ItsmeHcK1 > Guess we're not the only ones who wanted to kill you. :P
CuldeSac > omg, how do you ppl know im out here xD
Bourreau > magic
Bourreau > dance magic, dance
CuldeSac > ^^
ItsmeHcK1 > kay, I'll go take a look.
CuldeSac > dont get shot :O
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
ItsmeHcK1 > I'd like to get shot sometime. :P
ItsmeHcK1 > all clear
CuldeSac > ok, so i just haul ass?
CuldeSac > ok, cya around!
ItsmeHcK1 > pretty much :P
ItsmeHcK1 > Good luck!
EVE System > CuldeSac was kicked from the channel by Bourreau. Effective until 2010.07.19 21:20:31, Reason: "Pretty rad guy tbh. Sorry m8.".

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Methatron > thank you so much

EVE System > Channel changed to Fliet Local Channel
Bourreau > lol
Martok Kahless > lucky
Bourreau > skillllllsssss
Bourreau > bai
Martok Kahless > truly
EVE System > Channel changed to Heydiles Local Channel
Bourreau > good work
Bourreau > another sweet kill for fw blob
The Methatron > thank you so much
Bourreau > need more ships imo
The Methatron > yes
The Methatron > your tank is too good
Bourreau > maybe that thanatos you killed pajamas exequor in
Bourreau > was pretty lol