Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wren O7 > lol what a fair fight

EVE System > Channel changed to Oto Local Channel
Bourreau > o/ wren
Wren O7 > 07
Bourreau > seems a bit unfair
Bourreau > but I suppose I should expect that
Wren O7 > heh dont try to run 2/10
Bourreau > thats not it
Wren O7 > and ull have a fair fight)
Bourreau > would that be like kupoB's fair fight?
Bourreau > aka 1v2
KupoB > 1 vs 1
Bourreau > lol, right
KupoB > i`m just caribas
Bourreau > like last time
Bourreau > too bad you lost it too
KupoB > i save my pod
Bourreau > yea whatever, don't try to justify it
Bourreau > I would have given you a fair ransom
Bourreau > you didn't want to lose your fancy loot
KupoB > when i say what drop all fly
EVE System > Channel changed to Nagamanen Local Channel
Wren O7 > lol what a fair fight
Bourreau > just like you guys
Bourreau > ;)
Bourreau > how does it feel?

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