Monday, July 19, 2010

Taek'li > would you like to save your pod?

EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:
1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.
2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.
If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Taek'li > hello CuldeSac
CuldeSac > hello
Taek'li > would you like to save your pod?
CuldeSac > yeah, but
CuldeSac > how
ItsmeHcK1 > By paying us.
CuldeSac > well, i pay and you still blow me up?
ItsmeHcK1 > heh
ItsmeHcK1 > We're Tuskers.
Taek'li > 90million isk for your pod and we let you go
ItsmeHcK1 > We're well-known for honoring ransoms.
ItsmeHcK1 >
Taek'li > if you pay us, we won't, without getting into details if i dishonored a ransom, id be kicked out of corp
ItsmeHcK1 > Although I am guilty of not keeping neat track of my ransoms. :(
CuldeSac > k, never tried it before so lets do it... can you salvage my cargo? for my mission, a chip... or is that lost
ItsmeHcK1 > Salvage your cargo?
CuldeSac > ill pay extra for it ofc
ItsmeHcK1 > High-Tec data chip?
CuldeSac > yah, is it possible?
ItsmeHcK1 > High-Tech Data Chip
CuldeSac > yeah, i made 21 jumps to get it
CuldeSac > so id gladly pay extra to get it back
Bourreau > we have it
ItsmeHcK1 > 120M for both the pod and that chip?
Bourreau > 120 total
CuldeSac > 150M
Bourreau > ok
Bourreau > thats fine
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
Taek'li > ok then
CuldeSac > well, 12-150 its fine by me
ItsmeHcK1 > I can't bring it into highsec for you though.
ItsmeHcK1 > I can protect you while you're getting out yourself, obviously.
Taek'li > ok Culde send 150mil to me and we let you go, ill contract this chip to you as well
CuldeSac > ok, im kinda new to this, you have to tell me how
ItsmeHcK1 > sorry
ItsmeHcK1 > Wrong button/
CuldeSac > eeeek
ItsmeHcK1 > Tried to warp off, my bad.
Taek'li > lol sorry for my mate
Bourreau > right click on taek
Taek'li > accident lol
Bourreau > click, give money
ItsmeHcK1 > I'm warping to top station to drop the chip there.
Bourreau > type 150mil
Taek'li > and confirm
CuldeSac > ok, done
Bourreau > thank you sir
ItsmeHcK1 > If you dock up in top station, you'll get a noobship.
Taek'li > dropping point, you can go
ItsmeHcK1 > I'll trade the chip to you.
Taek'li > contracts about to be up
Taek'li > or trade
ItsmeHcK1 > That's the one?
Taek'li > ok Culde is it the chip you wanted?
CuldeSac > yes
Taek'li > cool
CuldeSac > thank you
Bourreau > no problemo
ItsmeHcK1 > sweet
CuldeSac > was there a green warning message in local, before the attack? that i didnt pay attention to
ItsmeHcK1 > Not in my overview.
Taek'li > no idea tbh
CuldeSac > ah ok
CuldeSac > any way, so ima try to get out with this ibis xD thanks for honoring your word, so far
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
ItsmeHcK1 > Pleasure doing business.
Taek'li > you are welcome, see you around :)
ItsmeHcK1 > Best I can do is like scout you to the Raneilles gate, if you want.
CuldeSac > that would be awesome
ItsmeHcK1 > Localspike atm though, best to wait a few moments.
ItsmeHcK1 > Yep, not a good idea to undock now. :P
ItsmeHcK1 > (On vent: 'Oh boy, <list> on this side, I'm fucked.' :P)
Taek'li > :D
CuldeSac > still a bad idea to undock?
Bourreau > most likely
Bourreau > gates are camped
CuldeSac > oh ._.
ItsmeHcK1 > Guess we're not the only ones who wanted to kill you. :P
CuldeSac > omg, how do you ppl know im out here xD
Bourreau > magic
Bourreau > dance magic, dance
CuldeSac > ^^
ItsmeHcK1 > kay, I'll go take a look.
CuldeSac > dont get shot :O
ItsmeHcK1 > :P
ItsmeHcK1 > I'd like to get shot sometime. :P
ItsmeHcK1 > all clear
CuldeSac > ok, so i just haul ass?
CuldeSac > ok, cya around!
ItsmeHcK1 > pretty much :P
ItsmeHcK1 > Good luck!
EVE System > CuldeSac was kicked from the channel by Bourreau. Effective until 2010.07.19 21:20:31, Reason: "Pretty rad guy tbh. Sorry m8.".

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