Friday, July 30, 2010

Exitiale > You know I enjoy tuskers, I realy do, long as its not in missions.

EVE System > Channel changed to Adirain Local Channel
Ginger Lynn > You can depart now boys =)
Tressin Khiyne > lol @ the rough necks calling in guardians to stop the evil rifter
Bourreau > nice choice of ships
Tressin Khiyne > you guys are supper pro
Tressin Khiyne > o/
Exitiale > \o
Exitiale > pvp ship vs pve ship, not even a fight ever =)
Tressin Khiyne > oh hush domi vs rifter
Shargrosso > gf
Tressin Khiyne > gf
Shargrosso > ?
Tressin Khiyne > oops
Bourreau > lol
Tressin Khiyne > well, not really
Bourreau > tressin you noob
Tressin Khiyne > GF rough necks
Exitiale > Not rough necks =)
Tressin Khiyne > ah, spiritus
Tressin Khiyne > you know who you are
Exitiale > You know I enjoy tuskers, I realy do, long as its not in missions. =)
Our daring duo went on to tackle a drake just before dt...
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:
1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.
2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.
If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Tressin Khiyne > howdy
Tressin Khiyne > we will require 40 mil for theship, sir
Tressin Khiyne > you can pay to me
Shillowska > i dont have that much
Tressin Khiyne > how much do you have?
Shillowska > about 20 mln
Tressin Khiyne > 20 will do, please stop shooting
Tressin Khiyne > pay to me and you'll be set free
Shillowska > done
Tressin Khiyne > have fun sir
Bourreau > thank you sir
Bourreau > /emote tips his hat

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