Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bourreau > so piranha, we need to talk

Piranha Security > plex?
Piranha Security > he's coming after me
Shadaroth > where are you
Bourreau > lol, fair fight?
Piranha Security > by the gate
Shadaroth > bourrie darling come and get me
Piranha Security > h'es 100km out
Bourreau > not really feeling ishkur vs stiletto
Shadaroth > aww =(
Piranha Security > is it safe to kill the red guys?
Bourreau > you're too competent for that mismatch ;)
Shadaroth > safe is a relative term
Shadaroth > ty ;)
Piranha Security > does it make your standing drop if you shoot the red first?
Shadaroth > if you can kill him, your standing will go up
Bourreau > yes, by all means, kill me
Piranha Security > i'm back near the gate, 100 out
Piranha Security > he's in a t2 ship
Piranha Security > theres no chance
Shadaroth > you never know
Shadaroth > you're both about the same age
Bourreau > 2v1 it wouldn't matter what ship I have
Shadaroth > i wont get involved, promise =D
Shadaroth > my quiet little system is fillin up
Bourreau > yea wth
Bourreau > no sense of sport apparently
Shadaroth > some squids in here the other day, black ops warped into here
Br0kenmachine > hi guys
Shadaroth > o/
Br0kenmachine > oh.. just stay away from him piranha, he'll kill you
Br0kenmachine > did he attack you or something?
Piranha Security > No
Bourreau > QQ
Bourreau > maybe he wants me to kill him
Bourreau > maybe he really likes that
Shadaroth > could be!
Shadaroth > aw man
Shadaroth > i hate it when the plex has no loot
Bourreau > indeed
Piranha Security > plex?
Br0kenmachine > the serpentis drug store
Shadaroth > that drugstore on your overview
Bourreau > although it sometimes has DAREDEVIL BPC
Piranha Security > o
Shadaroth > i looted a dd bpc one off a shadow serp spawn last week, was great
Bourreau > oh man!
Shadaroth > never gotten one in a plex tho
Bourreau > lucky guy
Br0kenmachine > I just want the jaspet
Shadaroth > yah, figured it was a sign, went ahead and built it
Bourreau > jaspet? lol
Shadaroth > rofl
Br0kenmachine > this is why i do not come in here piranha
Piranha Security > why?
Br0kenmachine > i hate you
Shadaroth > LOL
Piranha Security > :)
Bourreau > carebears....
Shadaroth > well okay then
Shadaroth > you guys fly safe o7
Br0kenmachine > yeah, you too
Piranha Security > Serpentis?
Br0kenmachine > no, i'm going back
Bourreau > thats the one
Piranha Security > yyyyyyyyyy
Piranha Security > wait!!
Br0kenmachine > bye
Piranha Security > well crap, that sucks
Bourreau > back to just you and me
Piranha Security > gulp
Bourreau > time to learn
Piranha Security > will u b my friend?
Bourreau > for 20m
Piranha Security > for how long?
Bourreau > all day
Piranha Security > i can't get close enough
Bourreau > 20m
Piranha Security > rockets suck
Bourreau > yea kinda
Bourreau > active shield eh?
Piranha Security > bad?
Bourreau > eh, sort of
A short while later...
Bourreau > o/
Bourreau > so piranha, we need to talk
Bourreau > that fit was not good at all
Bourreau > I will give you a better one
Piranha Security > yeah, it didn't even scratch you!!!
Piranha Security > u almost got my pod!!!
Bourreau > did I?
Piranha Security > i don't know, i didn't stick around to see
Bourreau > here you go
Bourreau >
Piranha Security > what kind of fitting?
Bourreau > its all in there
Bourreau > frigate pvp 101
Bourreau > there are a few rifter fits in there
Piranha Security > i have some reading to do
Bourreau > o/
Bourreau > enjoy
Piranha Security > thanks!
Bourreau > np m8
Bourreau > take care
Piranha Security > u2

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