Friday, August 13, 2010

capntrips > this carebear stuff is lame

EVE System > Channel changed to Aeschee Local Channel
Gingerlord > Nice nig
Gingerlord > nid* lol
Bourreau > :\
capntrips > Hey
Gingerlord > after anyone specific or just camping
capntrips > we don't take kindly to folks who don't take kindly around here
Bourreau > hehe
Bourreau > howdy trips
capntrips > just cuz minm pilots are black, don't mean you need to be throwin' out N-bombs
Dar Allard > i didn't shoot u did I?
capntrips > bourreau
capntrips > what are you in?
Gingerlord > lol
capntrips > I got 10 bucks says rifter
Bourreau > swex
Bourreau > noop
capntrips > also....
capntrips > doesn't bourreau mean ass?
capntrips > like, donkey?
Gingerlord > Gotta love low sec n00b rapists
Bourreau > lol, NICE TRY
capntrips > I don't know...... you seem familiar
capntrips > from that show down in TJ right?
Gingerlord > me?
Bourreau > you guys are lively tonight
capntrips > Bourreau
capntrips > lol
Gingerlord > it's 10am
capntrips > I just ran into some of your guys in hevrice
capntrips > I've never shield tanked anyone before
capntrips > it was a trip
Bourreau > /emote yawns
capntrips > Crash
capntrips > want some of that?
Bourreau > keeps you up for all those missions amiright?
capntrips > haha
capntrips > nah, the only missions I run take about 5 minutes
capntrips > pay at least 6mil plus 60k LP
capntrips > better than ransoming noos imho
Bourreau > we do that for fun
capntrips > lol
Bourreau > and ransoming you noobs is a good time
Bourreau > ;)
capntrips > we used to try and get them to come on vent and sing
Bourreau > yea, same
Bourreau > or we have them tell us jokes
capntrips > many good times to be had with noobs
capntrips > letting them chase you around in rifters n such
Bourreau > I see what you did there
Bourreau > fyi I am not in a rifter
Bourreau > so there!
capntrips > I know
capntrips > your pals were just 5 minutes ago tho
capntrips > gave me a nice little chase
Bourreau > yea we were laughing about that
Bourreau > in a way I'm glad you guys are still here
Bourreau > instead of someone else
Bourreau > it would be the end of an era
capntrips > oooohhh
capntrips > in a dram?
capntrips > nah, roughnecks will never die
capntrips > not with all you silly tuskers to chase around!
Bourreau > :P
Bourreau > I saved those pics you guys did
capntrips > what's that
capntrips > from the dam trip?
Bourreau > eh?
capntrips > what pics?
Bourreau > you guys made some pics of fat guys referencing tuskers
Bourreau > was very lol
capntrips > haha
capntrips > some are very clever with the photoshop
Bourreau > ja ja
capntrips > there was a great one making fun of socratic
capntrips > good god
capntrips > the fed intel LP store is [BLEEP] up it's ass bum
capntrips > they want 6k LP, 2.4 mil, and an asston of tags
capntrips > for a plating that is literally exactly the same as T2
Bourreau > I know not of these things
Bourreau > being a humble pirate
capntrips > aye
capntrips > this carebear stuff is lame
Bourreau > I did that once...
Bourreau > got old real quick
capntrips > we've all done it
capntrips > we'll all continue to
capntrips > unless you've got money to waste on timecodes
Bourreau > f-that
Bourreau > I am not wasting any more money on mmos
Bourreau > why do you think we fly rifters and shizz?
capntrips > ^^
Bourreau > alright trips, take it easy
Bourreau > o/

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