Sunday, September 26, 2010


Location: Hevrice
Date: 6th November
Time: 19:00 Eve Time
Ships: Tech 1 Frigates

This will be a team single-elimination tournament. Each match will consist of two teams of 3 frigates. Last man standing claims victory for their team. The winning team gets to loot the losing team's wrecks.

TEAM ENTRY FEE -> 30 million PER TEAM sent to Bourreau
Each team is responsible for submitting a team name with their application fee.
You will need 3 replacement ship/fittings for each team member. Each one must be identical to your initial loadout. Failure to bring replacement fittings could impact your match.

Tech 1 frigate hulls only

EDIT: Teams are restricted to 1 of any given frigate in their setup, ie: only 1 rifter per team, 1 tristan, etc.

No faction or navy frigates allowed


Meta 0 to Meta 5 modules are allowed to be fitted to your Frigate. Typically, Meta 5 modules are T2 versions so T2 guns etc. are allowed.

No Ecm modules or ecm drones allowed (other forms of ewar are acceptable)

No cloaking devices allowed

You must remain within 100km of the stationary referee otherwise you will be disqualified. If a team member warps off they are considered out of the match and may not return.

Podding someone is not allowed.

If the match takes longer than 10 minutes the arena size will shrink by 20km for every minute beyond the 10th. If there is no clear winner by the 14th minute then both teams will be knocked out.

PRIZES: (currently)
1st Place: Each team member will receive a pirate frigate of their choice (Daredevil, Cruor, Dramiel, Succubus or Worm).

2nd Place: Each team member will receive a navy frigate of their choice (Firetail, Slicer, Comet, Hookbill).

3rd & 4th Place: Each team member will receive a standard t1 frigate of their choice and salvage rights to the field after the tournament.

Feel free to contact me to discuss donations or secret prizes.

P.S. Apologies to Suleiman for plagiarizing his excellent tournament post format.

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  1. How's the turnout for this going? I might have a team of Bastards ready to compete.