Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assault Frigate Aftermath

Things started out poorly when I realized the start time of 11am Pacific time was actually 12. I only had three scant hours to die horribly in a ball of flames in Suleiman Shouaa's Assault Frigate Tournament today.

The matches got off to a late start, around 19:15 GMT or so. I won't attempt to describe all the fights but there were fewer over tanked lol fights than expected. It took over an hour before I was up and by this point I was quite nervous. The pilot I was scheduled to fight, Htrag, has an impressive record and is ranked #229 on Battleclinic. I expected to lose horribly and possibly be raped by the python cartel afterward.

From my cursory intel gathering I surmised I would face either a blaster ship of some sort or possibly an Amarr AF; either of these possibilities went in my favor. The shield wolf setup I had chosen to use had quite high EM and thermal resists so Amarr ships didn't bother me much. The real danger was the potential of a blaster ship fit with a scram which could easily immobilize me if I wasn't careful. Luckily for me this was not the case and his blasters were largely ineffective until I closed range. The fight ended with my wolf's shield around peak recharge. Gf to you Htrag.

Shortly after this my lovely girlfriend noticed our refrigerator was leaking water. Having dealt with this issue before I quickly determined it was no longer operational and informed her we would need to contact our landlords for a replacement. Luckily for us our landlords are a kindhearted elderly couple who absolutely adore us and our two cats.

It was in this chaotic environment that I joined battle with fellow Tusker Causticum and Lachesis VII, a dastardly member of the infamous Python Cartel. The treacherous python had equipped his retribution with a cloaking device to avoid the initial engagement. Needless to say I wasted no time engaged Causticum and managed to take him down in a most inelegant manner leaving little challenge to Lachesis when he decloaked. With so many dastardly pirates watching I chose to take the man's way out and fell with honarr whilst running for my life. Gf to both Causticum and the scurvy Lachesis.

All in all the tournament went rather well. My only regret at this point is that I had to work today. I would have liked to see the final matches and participate in the local smack.

Oh, one final note: epic python hax ftl.


  1. Can't blame a Python for being good at exploiting loopholes in the rules :P

  2. But you could blame the same Python for breaking the rules by not staying still after the warp-in.

  3. Great post and the tourney sounded like fun!