Friday, May 21, 2010

And We're Back...

EVE System > Channel changed to Nagamanen Local Channel
Bourreau > heh
Bourreau > hi ruskies
Rilanko > убейте етого урода) (kill etogo freak)
Rilanko > он меня достал) (he got me)
Uncle Harv > где он? (Where is he?)
Uncle Harv > на инст пока (?)
Uncle Harv > где это чудо? (where is a miracle?)
Rilanko > был на плексе (was at the chemical complex)
Bourreau > Я не собираюсь заниматься три из вас (I'm not going to deal with the three of you)
KupoB > 1 vs 1?
KupoB > i`m kill you solo :)
Bourreau > yea I know what you said
KupoB > if you look i`m kill drami one for one - solol
Bourreau > yea I see you m8
KupoB > so figth?
Bourreau > How do I know you'll honor it?
KupoB > My honor - is all EVE and all figth
KupoB > knew all 1 vs 1 - they knew
KupoB > do you come or i`m can go seek more honor?
Bourreau > heh
Bourreau > just looking you up
Bourreau > nice record
KupoB > record?
Bourreau > gf
KupoB > gf
Bourreau > nice 1 v 1
Bourreau > liar
omega9112 > where?
omega9112 > i wanna join
Bourreau > don't bother I got him
Bourreau > his friend was too late
omega9112 > what bout you and me?
Bourreau > this just proves what people say about you russians
omega9112 > what u on
omega9112 > come on lets fight
Bourreau > srry m8 its 6am here
Bourreau > time for bed
omega9112 > what bout the the guys friend
omega9112 > where is he?
Bourreau > use your scanner
omega9112 > i could have some fun
omega9112 > normal onbaord one?
Bourreau > yea man
omega9112 > scanning
Bourreau > he left, you're too slow
omega9112 > shi
omega9112 > shit
omega9112 > i only pick up cosmic anomaly
omega9112 > no pships
Bourreau > good luck man, you might want to learn the scanner a bit
Bourreau > its very helpful
omega9112 > np
omega9112 > thanks
Bourreau > sure thing
Bourreau > just call me the helpful pirate
omega9112 > haha

The Evidence

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pew pew pew

I can't promise any eve related content, but there are more (space) boats...