Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tracking Enhancers!

Sometimes an engagement at range can be frustrating because it gives your opponent the opportunity to escape before you can point them. Luckily thespore was looking for a fight.

Tooling around in Adirain today I happened upon another rifter pilot. After some scanner foreplay I warped to the belt nearest to him. Moments later he warped in near the center of the asteroids, about 60km from me. I began kiting him.

With the recent changes to tracking enhancers they become extremely useful for ranged combat. Thespore and I had relatively conventional rifters: his the armor buffer variety and mine the shield buffer.

What threw the fight for him was my tracking enhancer. Through some careful manual kiting I managed to totally reduce his shields before he could catch up to me. Once he got into web range the enhancer helped track him as he orbited my webbed ship.

When he popped I was a little under 50% shield. Not bad at all.


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