Friday, December 4, 2009


Oh it was all too obvious what was going on. Somehow I didn't care.

I was out on an errand in Oulletta and had just undocked from station to see a little flashy red friend targeting me. Outlaw: check. Punisher: check. No doubt this pilot was far older than me but I've been feeling more confident with my abilities behind a rifter. What the hell, I can take this guy.

So we begin the doom spiral that is frigate combat. Immediately I begin flying away from him in a tight arc. My shields are dipping and his web is not helping my situation. Slowly I gain range on the punisher, autocannons blasting away the whole time, melting his armor. At around 8km I am not longer taking damage and the kiting process is complete. He dips under 50% armor.

At about this time I notice two more flashy playmates appear on the overview.


Still blasting the punisher I'm now frantically trying to align although it would make no difference. The wolf and stabber fleet that just arrived finish the punishers work, vaporizing me in a matter of seconds. Somehow my pod does not warp despite my spamming and that goes too in another instant. Oh well.

I suppose I should give mine enemies props for a trap well sprung but all I really want is that punisher. They could get me afterward but that kill would be sweet.

The Evidence


  1. Punisher is a tough nut, but ye seemed to have it in hand, too bad they interrupted..

    Kudos on engaging tho, so many run from fights that are not clearly in their favor.

  2. Well, I could have maybe warped if I had run; it was just too good to pass up.

    Thanks for reading.