Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lucky Bastard

I just knocked on wood, picked a four leaf clover and killed a rabbit for its foot. Been a hell of a ride and its only getting better.

Old man star can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of ships around to shoot at and be shot by and of course the inevitable question of who's baiting whom. After some initial successes it was put forth that we try oms with our frigate heavy gang. What the hell, I thought. Why not? I can't fly the same ship forever.

The gang found a few ships initially. Surprisingly there were two dramiels. We happened upon them several times but couldn't engage them as their pilots skillfully kept more than 20km away and at extreme speed.

There were a few ganks as well, nothing really worth mentioning. Someone spotted a ship inside the faction war mission that had sprung up. After an initial failed tackle we set a bait at the complex.

As anyone knows once you set a bait in old man star you can expect something to come and bite. In this case the something came in the form of a hurricane and vagabond. This combination proved lethal to our frigates and eventually the bait itself, which happened to be the largest ship we had brought.

Somehow I managed to burn out to 20km from the cane and vaga with my afterburner and warp out with around 1/4 shield remaining. My guess is they were preoccupied eating the bait.
Dodged that bullet.

Then today whilst scouting out some lowsec systems I had an unfortunate run in with a crow at a gate camp. He pointed me before I could warp and I was forced to burn back to the gate and escape the massive gank squad in structure.

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