Thursday, January 7, 2010

In which cheers were offered.

BigNtall > "Combat Boosters - Guarunteed to Make your Hair 10% thicker and your Teeth 12% Whiter" This Message brought to you by the Interstellar Drug Agency
EVE System > Channel changed to Hevrice Local Channel
capntrips > oh fuck me
capntrips > I need to stop drinking and playing eve
Bourreau > gf
capntrips > travelling just doens't suit me
capntrips > ha
capntrips > seriousyl?
capntrips > you call that a fight?
capntrips > nice catch tho
Bourreau > duck hunt maybe
capntrips > my own damn fault
capntrips > was packin' a bowl
capntrips > lol
Bourreau > srry man, come back and I'll give you a 1v1 in frigs or somethin
Bourreau > if you like
capntrips > ha
capntrips > you got your catch man
Bourreau > kk
capntrips > take it, be proud
Bourreau > please come again
Bourreau > :D
capntrips > lool
capntrips > I was on my way to null sec
capntrips > I've done this before
capntrips > haha
Bourreau > fly reckless o/
Bourreau > errr wreckless
capntrips > you know I do
Bourreau > ;)
capntrips > did the cloak survive?
Bourreau > nope
capntrips > sheety
Bourreau > I'ma smoke a bowl for you trips
capntrips > haha
Bourreau > in your honor
capntrips > cheers man
Bourreau > cheers

The Evidence.


  1. Seriously, what's up with capntrips lately?
    Guys a real charmer all of a sudden. Veeery suspicious. >.>

  2. I don't know what to make of it either. Since the time in adirain on christmas hes been very nice. I think it was on christmas.