Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't you have Blogs to write?

Bourreau > :D
Bourreau > nice
The Kovenant > What are you grinning about?
Bourreau > just smiling
Bourreau > being happy
Bourreau > all that stuff
Bourreau > you guys are fun
Bourreau > I like you
The Kovenant > Like what?
The Kovenant > Don't you have Blogs to write?
Bourreau > sometimes I do
Bourreau > waiting for the sisters probes
Bourreau > please don't disappoint
killer chick > shut your slut mouth
Tallon Greer > ^
Bourreau > Kovenant is much nicer than you chick
Bourreau > you should take a lesson from him
killer chick > 1v1?
Bourreau > later
Bourreau > while you sleep ;)
killer chick > oh?
Bourreau > ;)
killer chick > i'll go fit a frig
killer chick > 1v1?
Bourreau > I was having a nice chat with Kovenant before you decided to be rude
killer chick > i need to give you guys something to blog about
The Kovenant > Lol Nice chat? I was only going to Ease the Brutality a little bit
The Kovenant > With no Lube ofcourse
Bourreau > hehe
Bourreau > of course
Bourreau > manly style
The Kovenant > Yep! And yooooour the catcher
Bourreau > catcher?
Bourreau > thats new
The Kovenant > I try to mess around with it a little ya know?
The Kovenant > Jeeze! 09 character
Bourreau > Kovenant you really shouldn't associate with these bad men
Bourreau > imo
The Kovenant > Reason?
Bourreau > I think you know why


  1. I don't quite get all the 'oh, go write your blogs Tuskers' type insult.

    Do they think that it makes us feel small or is it just some kind of derogatory term they like to use because they can't read or write?



  2. I have to admit it was very effective smack; it almost made me suicide into their small gang.

    For Serial.

  3. i take it this was b4 killer got his nyx :P