Monday, November 16, 2009

This guy I killed

Reaching back to my time in Curse of the Nazghorn I present you with Ryddic, a rather unctuous interceptor pilot(?):

Bourreau > yes?
Ryddic > you no give me 40 milion
Bourreau > hahaha
Ryddic > cost for me interceptor
Ryddic > my alleans
Ryddic > declar war vs your corp
Ryddic > XD
Ryddic > ahaha???
Ryddic > wath??
Ryddic > i is ceo for me alleans
Ryddic > ahahah no vs me
Ryddic > you win
Ryddic > good
Ryddic > give me 40 milion
Ryddic > o 24 hours and your corp is deads
Bourreau > wars are cool
Ryddic > 40 no
Ryddic > 30
Ryddic > sorry no 40 30 milion
Ryddic > fast
Bourreau > lol
Bourreau > go ahead
Ryddic > lol???
Bourreau > we like wars
Ryddic > but is noob o idiot
Ryddic > mother focker
Ryddic > fast give me 30 milion o declar wars vs you

Still waiting for that war declaration...Did I mention hes Italian?

(Also, apologies to everyone I hot linked in there...:\)

I'll end this post with a joke you've probably heard:

Q. Why does the new Italian Navy use glass bottomed boats?
A. So they can steer clear of the old Italian Navy.

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