Saturday, November 21, 2009


I just couldn't help myself. Granted, I won't be flying it for awhile but its gonna be a mean son-of-a-bitch when I finally do.

So how to fit this little beast? When Dominion comes the firetail will be significantly boosted and become a mixture of wolf and jaguar, albeit an expensive one at around 35mil.

It is still very fast, despite losing its speed bonus in favor of damage, and outperforms the Wolf and Jaguar with 410m/s base speed. Its new bonus and slot layout have made me quite happy: 20% Projectile damage per lvl minny frig and 3-4-3 slots allowing for a shield tank and tackle. The changes put the firetail's dps around the level of a Jaguar.

The changes make this ship incredibly flexible like the Jaguar. You have the option to sport a mwd and artillery/missile with some ewar (tracking disruptor or sensor damp would both be good options) or Autocannons and a utility high (nos, neut, rocketlauncher). With the short ranged firetail you have a choice between shield or armor tank, with armor allowing extra tackle/ewar/cap options and shield giving you the speed and gankiness of gyro's and (the new) awesomeness of tracking enhancers. With the ranged version shield tank is preferable to keep you nimble and allow for maximum gank.

From my above hypotheses I see this firetail fulfilling essentially the same roles as a Jaguar. It lacks the higher resists of an Assault Ship but compensates with significantly greater speed and damage. For a slightly higher price tag the Firetail gives slightly better performance.

Also it looks fuckin' amazing.


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  1. Agreed and good post. I'm very excited about the coming changes to my favourite ship, and will be flying them a lot more.