Friday, July 2, 2010

*&#% Russians

EVE System > Channel changed to Oto Local Channel
Bourreau > wow, definitely going for it now
KupoB > Bourreau pvp 1 vs 1
Bourreau > maybe you should get a few more guys to make it fair
KupoB > in plex
Bourreau > you cheat
Bourreau > so no
KupoB > no
Bourreau > you did last time
KupoB > 1 vs 1
A30T > we are honour 1 vs 1 \
Bourreau > no you're not...he brought 2v1 last time
KupoB > not now
Bourreau > too bad, shouldn't have lied before
Bourreau > now I don't believe you
KupoB > ty bad


I don't have anything against Russians in the real world and before meeting these twits they hadn't bothered me too much in EVE either. I don't want anyone reading this to get the wrong idea. I am not anti-russian, only anti-asshole.

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